Lantana College of Hospitality, Enugu

The Lantana College started in Enugu in rented apartment in 1995. It moved to the permanent site in 2012 after the completion of the construction of the building which was supported by the European Union, a French NGO and many individuals and corporations.

The students of Lantana are mostly young girls from less privileged backgrounds in Enugu and environs. The technical and professional skills they acquire enable them to break the poverty cycle for their families and communities as it affords them the opportunity to be employed in the booming Hospitality industry in the eastern part of the country.

The School offers a 2 year Professional Certificate in Hospitality Operations and courses in home management and culinary services. It has recently started the National Skill Qualification (NSQ) scheme. The main objective of the school is to foster leadership qualities, provide professional skills and help the young girls foster a responsible attitude towards work.