Who We Are

Women’s Board – Educational Cooperation Society is a Nigerian not-for-profit, non-governmental organization working since 1972 for the development of women of any background, ethnic group or religion. The organization was formally registered in 1974 with the Nigerian Companies Decree under the name of Educational Cooperation Society, the Women’s Board is an autonomous division committed to the promotion of women under a Governing Board created for the purpose. It is registered in the Ministry of Women Affairs and Poverty Alleviation in Lagos. We have a Special Consultative Status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations and we are associated with the Department of Public Information of the United Nations.

Mission Statement

Our mission is “to foster the development of the individual Nigerian woman, empowering her with education and high standards of work and inculcating in her a commitment of service to the community so as to make her a citizen better equipped to participate in the social progress of the country”.


Operational costs are met by the fees of the participants of the programmes and income generating activities carried out in the Projects. Deficits in programmes for low-income target groups are financed by contributions of friends, funds raised by the development committees and other small grants. The setting up of new Projects or the development of an existing one involving a certain investment or huge cost is done by cofinanced ventures with International Development Agencies, Northern NGOs, individuals and corporate donations etc.


Our main objective is closely related to our mission which is to build leadership qualities, emphasize integrity of life, provide work skills, foster a responsible attitude to work, introduce basic organizational practices, encourage commitment to civic duties and create environmental awareness.


We pursue our objectives through educational activities carried out by Projects set-up with a long term vision in different parts of the country. The Lagoon Executive Secretarial College was the first project of the organization established in 1973. It offered young women a specialized professional training for administrative and secretarial career. The Secretarial College was discontinued in 1995 so as to attend to more relevant development Projects. Other projects are:
Wavecrest College of Hospitality
Wavecrest Study Centre
Afara Leadership Centre in Lagos
Iroto School of Hotel and Catering
Iroto Rural Centre
Abidagba Health Centre at Iloti (Ogun State)
Imoran Centre for Professional and Social Development
Orisun School of Hospitality in Ibadan
Lantana College of Hospitality
Uzommiri Study Centre in Enugu
Tiebe Cultural Centre in Benin.
Our central office is located in Lagos and where we also run a Management Training Unit addressed to NGOs and Women in Business.