Afara leadership center serves young women especially female undergraduates through Leadership Development Programme & library and secondary school girls through the Leadership clubs, reading room. The Leadership Development Programme, LDP seeks to meet the challenge of the dearth of female leadership. The programme’s philosophy is leadership through self-leadership and social responsibility. Its theoretical part aims at energizing participants to be change agents, instilling leadership qualities and professionalism at work and providing entrepreneurship skills. The practical part – leadership in action – aims at social responsibility through community development projects and other volunteer work experience.

The leadership and entrepreneurship project presents the participants with an avenue not only aimed at receiving and assimilating the ideas transmitted in the lecture sessions but it also provides a platform for the young ladies, where they get to share entrepreneurial skills with people in small businesses and rural areas in the country that obviously have not experienced such wholesome training in business like they have.

The young ladies achieve these goals in a set-up that gives room for them to interact as a team, appreciate their skills and differences and build up the virtues in that area. As they camp together during the execution of these projects, living together exposes them solidly to the reality of self- knowledge, acceptance, improvement and management which also facilitates their leading others in the right path to achieve the common goals shared.

The annual leadership training for about 30 undergraduates is tied to a social project during the year of the leadership training. The social project and what it would cost to carry out is determined during the course of the programme.